Divemaster of the month

Chris Alpers of Indigo Divers

After dreaming of having his own business for years, Chris Alpers of Indigo Divers made that dream a reality recently.

Chris was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and grew up surrounded by acres of land, lakes and waterfalls and spent most of his childhood in the great outdoors.

The world of Jacques Cousteau was all over the television, and when Chris’ family travelled to St. Thomas and St. John for his first snorkelling trip, he found himself spellbound by the experience, and was forever changed by that time he spent underwater.

He had wanted to dive the famous Wreck of the Rhone when he was 12, but his parents felt it was too dangerous. Then when they visited the Cayman Islands in 1983 and he was 15 he mentioned scuba again, but again he was denied.

At university, Chris started a Business degree at Colorado State, soon decided that business wasn’t for him and switched majors to end up with a degree in Natural Resources Management.

It was during this time that Chris fulfilled his dream of diving. Leaving New Zealand after doing a six-month study there for his junior year in university, he made the decision to get his open water diving certification. He had a stop in Cairns, Australia and spent two weeks getting his certificate and adding dives to his new logbook.

He put his diving on hold for a while to finish his degree, but after a short stint trading S&P Futures, Chris decided to give diving another try.

He completed a dive instructor course in Ft. Lauderdale and in 1995 he finally emerged a fully fledged instructor.

Chris started working at Beach Club in Grand Cayman where he worked for six months before he transferred to the Spanish Bay Reef property in West Bay. He enjoyed one-and-a-half years there, but was getting itchy feet and wanted a change of pace. He took two months off and then moved to Tortola. In the summer of 1999 Chris went to get his Coast Guard Captain’s License. He passed the 100-Ton course in Florida and headed back to Ohio. After watching the mercury slowly dropping as it headed into winter, he thought that Cayman might be a good idea again. He returned to Cayman and worked with Cayman Diver for four years before considering the idea of having his own business again.

In 2004 he and his fiancée Katie began Indigo Divers, a boutique company geared to taking a small group of already certified divers around the underwater wonders. They purchased a 28ft Sea Ray Bowrider and kitted it out for up to six guests, then took the best they’d experienced in other companies to bring Indigo to life.

“Who wouldn’t want to own a company where they get to do something they love every day?” he says.


If you want to be treated like a celebrity (without the celebrity price), Chris and Indigo Divers is definitely for you. Getting up close and personal with marine life is what he does best!

Contact Indigo Divers at 525-3932.