Experience Cayman with Tours Cayman

There is much to see in Cayman, both on land and on the water. Yet quite often it seems that visitors see more of the Cayman Islands in a day than many residents do in all their time on island. Excuses are varied, but quite often include the words ‘too many tourists’ and a lack of interest in ‘off the shelf’ tours.

According to Shane Ebanks, owner of Tours Cayman, locals enjoy a freedom that cruise tourists just cannot experience.

“We can schedule tours for times when there are fewer cruise tourists around,” says Shane.

This ensures a much more relaxed experience for all participants. With smaller tour groups of between six and 25 members it is much easier to get in the water and get out again on your own schedule, rather than queuing up behind 60 other people.

The number of stops as well as their location can be tailored to fit the group, as can special requests. Tours Cayman can even schedule a beach barbecue as part of a custom tour experience. The company operates three boats, giving it even more flexibility when it comes to tailoring tour experiences.

“We are flexible to do practically anything our guests want to do,” Shane says.

As a family run business, Tours Cayman aims to maintain a welcoming family atmosphere to make customers feel right at home.

With Stingray City tours starting from as little as $25 per person, it is certainly worth while exploring Cayman more thoroughly.

With an aim of providing excellent service at affordable prices, the company hopes to introduce even more residents to the wonders of the island they call home.   WH

To book a tour or for more information, call 946-4597