They’re going to make their mark

Triple C graduates have been making their mark in all professions and in many parts of the world since 1947. The 29 of the class of 2009 are no exception.

As the seven of 1947 made history, we focus this article on the top nine of 2009.

Graduating first in the class of 2009 is Deric Galvao. With an impeccable citizenship record and a gpa of over 4.00 in his senior year he is sure to succeed in his accounting studies at Southeastern University in Florida.

Co-salutatorians Rafael Elias and Brandon McLean demonstrated versatility and strength in several areas. Rafael received subject awards in history, Bible studies and English. He will study anthropology at the University of Miami and looks forward to a career in archaeology.

Brandon will study accounting at the University College of the Cayman Islands, and hopes to intern with a major accounting firm.

Joseph Gracey is thinking of a career in Business Law. He has the distinction of passing with good marks both of his Advanced Placement classes in his senior year. Joseph received the President’s Entrance Scholarship at the University of British Columbia where he will begin his tertiary studies in the fall.

Casey Salgado plans to major in political science at the Virginia Military Institute. He plans to go to law school and then return to Cayman, with a career goal of becoming a member of the Legislative Assembly.

Erika Dingler led the senior class in numerous activities and received the Outstanding Senior Award from Triple C School and the Outstanding Leader Award from the Chamber of Commerce. She plans to study business administration at the ICCI.

John received the four year subject award in mathematics and will study computers and law at the University of British Columbia.

Tiffany Trotter and Kerri-Anne Chisholm have both talked the talk and walked the walk of a vibrant Christian lifestyle and held an impeccable citizenship record and commendable academic record. Both girls received the Creative Christian Character Award in 2009. Tiffany will be attending Cayman Prep & High School to do A-levels and afterwards will read for a degree in fine arts. Kerri-Anne is working at the National Gallery and has plans to go to university in the US in 2010 for her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.

Triple C has been the common factor in the lives of these students, instilling confidence, Christian values and academic preparation that has served them well, from a forgotten little island in 1947 to a financial centre of world renown in 2009.

Starting with a pre-school of happy children, learning, growing and interacting to the solid preparation of elementary and middle school to the challenging graduation requirements of a dual British/American system and college level classes, Triple C School has made a mark and will continue to impact the global community by sharing these fine citizens of creative Christian character with our community and our world. WH