Sean’s favourite dive sites

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Divemaster of the month Sean Crothers of Ocean Frontiers

Breakers Cutback – Boat dive
The pin is in 55ft. of water. Head to the sand and you will find a big swim-through that pops you out of the wall at about 100ft. Go west along the wall, which cuts back in to create an overhang where many critters can be seen. Look out for big schools of horse-eye jacks and grouper, as well as furry sea cucumbers. Occasional turtles have also been spotted. Inside the wall there are a lot of small swim-throughs. Head back up onto the wall and make your way to the pin. Safety stop before you return to the boat.

Ol’ Wreck Head – Boat dive (anchor  drop)
This site is particularly nice because it is not dived as often as others due to the seas not always being calm enough for a good visit. The sand is 50ft down and head south to loads of swim-throughs where you’re bound to encounter schools of tarpon. A lush, pristine dive with lots of the smaller stuff to see, but if you’re lucky you may spot a reef shark or eagle ray. This is a nice shallow dive, deepest at about 50ft with shallows at 25ft.
Don’t forget your safety stop!