Camana Way Plant Book

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Camana Way, the boulevard connecting Camana Bay’s Town Centre to Seven Mile Beach, is a showcase of the Islands’ native flora. It presents the plants of five common ecosystems that are found as one crosses Grand Cayman from the Caribbean beaches to the mangrove wetlands adjacent to the North Sound.
The Camana Way Plant Book is a pocket-sized, comprehensive field guide, divided into five sections.
The five ecosystems presents are the coastal strand; the sandy woodland; the dry, rocky limestone woodland; the moist woodland and the seasonally flooded brackish woodland.
Within each section, plants are listed by trees and palms, shrubs and herbaceous plants, vines, grasses and groundcovers. The book also includes information on.former uses of the plant.
The native plants of Grand Cayman have the potential to create beautiful landscapes while attracting native birds, butterflies and bats with their flowers and fruit. The book is available from Books & Books for $6.99.