Paint the town Green

St. Patrick’s Day and Hump Day (Wednesday) share space on 17 March, 2010 – a date marked in green on every Irishman’s calendar. There is something about St. Patrick’s Day that brings out the festive leprechaun in everyone, regardless of heritage or background. In the end, it doesn’t really matter whether you hail from the Emerald Isle of not. If you’re willing to buy a round of drinks, sing a few choruses of Danny Boy and shake your Shillelagh (shi-LAY-lee) then you’re welcome friend, you’re welcome!
The Cayman Islands is  home to a diverse mixture of people from countries all over the world, including the Irish of course. An infectious spirit seems to infiltrate the community as the third month of the year approaches and certain local bars get swept up in the momentum, laying on entertainment and green beer for the masses. Guinness flows like water, as no one can resist the creamy head on a full pint, particularly on St. Patrick’s Day!
The Pub, formerly known as Triple Crown Pub, has consistently brought quality performers to the table each year. From legendary Irish group Aslan to top tribute acts, many a musical group has rocked the stage and the crowd, sometimes over a full weekend. They never skimp on the decorations – the premises (and patrons) are usually awash with shamrocks. With the recent addition of a beer garden outdoors and genuine, hearty classic pub cuisine, Triple Crown is an absolute must on your list of places to visit on St. Patrick’s Day/Night.
Fidel Murphy’s is a well-established, large pub, popular with locals and residents alike. With a diverse menu that features mouth-watering Gaelic grub and ales on tap, you’ll be glad that they have an ample supply of pint glasses at the ready. On 17 March they expand into a seating area outside to accommodate large crowds and set up satellite bars to ensure that no one has to wait too long for service. Live acts have included local bands and well-known Irish recording artist Mundy playing tunes that start toes tapping and a lively audience joining in on favourite songs. Expect to see garlands of the green variety festooning the place and women and men sporting green hats, green tiaras, green feather boas…
Coconut Joe’s is definitely known as a top bar for getting in on the act when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day. Years ago it introduced the Blarney Stone competition, which is not for the faint of heart. Willing participants put their hand on the stone and there they remain until one by one they fade, or lose contact by accident. It is an hours-long test of mettle where spectators can watch from minimum safe distance, relaxing and enjoying the ambience. Why oh why would people subject themselves to such an ordeal you may ask yourself? Well the prizes have been pretty impressive, with tickets from British Airways tempting contestants from far and wide. Even if you don’t enter the competition, go along and cheer for your favourites. Just don’t offer them a high-five, or ugliness may ensue.
Yessir, St. Patrick’s is an excellent excuse for getting out there and socialising. It seems to bring out the zaniness in everyone, so you can let your hair down a little (or a lot) and you’ll fit right in. The three bars mentioned above are all within walking (jigging) distance of each other, so you don’t even have to worry about wheeled transport if you want to participate in a bit of a pub crawl. Just remember that most of you have work the next day – there’s nothing worse than finding a pot of coal rather than a pot of gold, if you know what I mean.

Slainte!   WH