Rock the Boat

Sundays have become synonymous with brunch. However, what to do after brunch? Most people are too chilled out to do anything other than lounge around, but don’t want to see the last bit of the weekend go to waste either.
For something a little bit different, why not give Rock the Boat a try?
Not quite your run of the mill sunset cruise, the two hour excursion takes place from 3.30pm to 5.30pm on the last Sunday of every month.
Described as an easy Sunday old school rock cruise, there are rock tunes rather than dance beats, with Ketel One cocktail specials.
“The idea came about from the desire to give folks more opportunities to get out on the water. The idea of dance music or lounge music seemed so boring and over-used. By incorporating classic and new rock music we hope to spark interest from a broader network of people. It’s also perfect for a laid-back Sunday,” says Wendy Pala of Red Sail Sports.
There are two pickup points, one at the Westin Casuarina and one at Public Beach, making the cruise easily accessible.
“We are always saying how we don’t take advantage of our beautiful surroundings enough – this is the perfect way to wrap up a weekend,” says Wendy.
Rock the Boat complements Red Sail’s other cruises nicely, bringing a different view to the table.
“I’d say the Sunset sails on Monday and Wednesday are definitely more romantic and glamorous and the Big Rum Friday sail is a launching pad to a night on the town,” said Wendy.
Tickets for the event are $15 and even though the cruise has only been running for a couple of months, it is drawing a loyal following already. What better way to say farewell to a weekend?   WH

For more information on Rock the Boat, contact 945-5965.