South of the border

Although it is still a relative newcomer to the local restaurant scene, Carlos & Martin’s has already established itself as a firm favourite with a very loyal following.
The cosy, rustic decor makes one feel at home immediately – just the atmosphere you need when trying to escape from the office for a lunch break. With earthy wall tones, aged-looking chairs and even brown paper on the tables, the restaurant has a true cantina feel. A nice touch is the choice of salt and pepper shakers – Coronita Extra beer bottles!
The restaurant specialises in Tex-Mex food, and the menu offers something for every taste. With just enough spice to add taste, but not so much that it leaves you mopping your brow, the food should suite every taste.
The location in Seven Mile Shops means that it is also conveniently close to the office for many George Town based desk slaves, present the perfect excuse for a quick escape.
Expect to find all the regular Tex-Mex favourites on the menu, with a selection of quesadillas, burritos, tacos, fajitas and enchiladas, often with one or two unique twists, as well as a number of surprises. There are light starters as well as soups and salads for those who find themselves only peckish rather than hungry.
This is excellent comfort food, so it is the perfect answer to a tough day at the office.
I opted for the Durango shrimp quesadilla, which comes with a filling of pepper jack and cheddar cheese and delectable lime marinated shrimp sautéed in chipotle butter. The chipotle adds a slightly smoky flavour to the shrimp for a unique taste experience.
This is the beauty of Tex-Mex food – you can get combinations like shrimp quesadilla that you are not likely to find at a pure Mexican restaurant.
The dessert menu boasts choices including deep-fried ice cream as well as a personal favourite, flan.
Service was quick and friendly in spite of a pretty busy lunch hour and I was back in the office with time to spare.
The restaurant offers a separate dining area and bar area, with tables on the patio outside the restaurant as well. These are sheltered from the parking area by a row of cacti, lending not only an authentic atmosphere by also a considerable measure of privacy.
Of course, lunch might not be the ideal time to delve into the cocktail menu, but suffice to say that the Margaritas at Carlos & Martin’s have quickly become the stuff of legend. Maybe another visit outside of office hours is in order.   WH

For more information on Carlos & Martin’s, contact 949-4944.