Hammerheads and Seven Fathoms

Situated right on the water overlooking George Town harbour, Hammerheads is a popular stop for cruise tourists earlier in the day, or for George Town desk slaves when they make their escape from the office. From freshly caught local seafood to regular pub fare, Hammerheads can serve up a meal as good as the drinks poured at its bar.
And seafood does not get any fresher than this, with local fishermen landing their catch right next to the bar. The fish can then be fried up in the Hammerheads kitchen with a batter made with their own micro brew. Talk about a unique from-the-ocean-to-the-table taste experience.

The waterfront venue also means perfect Caribbean sunsets, which go perfectly with a relaxed dinner out on the deck.However, there is more to Hammerheads than meets the eye.

The bar and restaurant is also home to Seven Fathoms Rum, a uniquely Caymanian product and the only rum distilled on Island. Although the local distilling of the rum makes it unique already, the aging process makes it even more so. The rum is placed in oak barrels to age, which is pretty routine stuff. These barrels are then placed under 42 feet of water, otherwise known as seven fathoms, to age. This is certainly not routine, and is what gives the rum its name and unique character. The ebb and flow of the tides help to increase the rum’s interaction with the wood, giving it a smoothness that is difficult, if not impossible, to match through any other method. The stable temperature under water also helps the rum age just the right way.

However, as the rum is only made in small batches, and the impact of the tides can vary, each batch has a slightly different character, making it a highly individual product.