Arrr! Pirates be a’comin

Splice the mainbrace! This year’s Pirates Week is gathering pace at a rate of knots and will be here afore ye know it.
The 33rd year of the world-famous family festival takes place between 11 and 21 November and will comprise a blend of active, culinary, heritage and above all fun events.
This year an injection of enthusiasm will transform the Island’s various Heritage Days into something quite special. With a youthful outlook in the various heritage committees representing each of Cayman’s districts, the designated days should prove to be a lot of fun as the heritage of each area is truly celebrated through a series of events, foods and activities. This year’s theme is the past, the present and the future, which blends together history, current Caymanian culture and that which is still to come.

Get involved
Bernie Bush of Pirates Week said Pirates Week 2010 is all about getting people involved and that volunteers are always welcome. People can contribute to office work, building, marshalling or all elements of the festival, which takes a lot to bring together and really does bring people together too.
“At Pirates Week, along with the Department of Tourism, we’ve been looking to get the districts back together, trying to get the communities back together and make it exciting, family friendly and fun. There will be something to win at each district’s Heritage Day. There is no other event in Cayman as old as this and no events that last this long so you definitely get your money’s worth,” says Bernie.
Such events as the sea swim, on-land runs, teen discos and many happy hours and steel bands competitions run alongside the familiar, world-famous Pirates’ Landing, Trial of the Pirates and of course the street dance, food festival, turtle release and the parade too.
“People talk about last year’s fireworks being the best ever but there will be some big surprises this year – it will be literally explosive,” continues Bernie, who adds that the cardboard boat race will be expanding into several categories including schools.
“It’s going to be awesome. The cardboard boats is something that everyone, once they see it for the first time, they want to come again next year. We’re also working on the entertainments and the song competition to make them better than ever before, too,” Bernie notes.

Benefit to businesses
The tourist-attracting Pirates Week is of great benefit to all sectors of Cayman, so businesses are being urged to get involved and get right behind the unique and fabulous cultural celebration.
“As Pirates Week sponsors we really want to encourage the people of Cayman to get fully behind this great festival. I believe the Pirates Week committee needs volunteers for the landing and more; the more the merrier! So get on board and help make this Pirates Week the best ever,” said Anne Mason, marketing supervisor at the Caymanian Compass, one of the festival’s sponsors.
Volunteers and companies that would like to sponsor Pirates Week should email Pat Bazell-Taylor on [email protected] for further information.
Event sponsor of Pirates Week 2010 is Digicel. Chief Executive Officer Victor Corocan extended his excitement at the company’s continued involvement in the festival.
“Digicel is proud to support the heritage and culture of the Cayman Islands through sponsorship of the 33rd annual Pirates Week National Festival. The festival represents an institution that educates, entertains and engage both locals and visitors each year. It remains an important cornerstone of Cayman’s cultural legacy, and Digicel recognises the importance of keeping our heritage alive for future generations,” he says.
Other sponsors on board include Radio Cayman, which will  broadcast the parade live. The parade is only one element that brings locals and tourists, young and old, of all backgrounds and proclivities together.
“Pirates Week this year is definitely about unifying the country and unifying the districts. The theme of the past, the present and the future is about bringing everyone together and having fun in a wholesome way where the whole family can take part and enjoy the festivities in happiness and safety,” says Bernie.   WH

More information is available at and through their Facebook page Cayman Islands Pirates Week Festival, so become a fan. Plus follow the pirates on and get tweeting!