Bring fashion back this fall


Keep your feet happy

As summer starts edging to fall, it offers an excellent opportunity to put a couple of new touches to your wardrobe. From keeping up with fashion to back-to-school, there are many reason to hit the stores. Even though the idea of heading back to school after the summer holidays may not be the most fun anyone can have, at least the shopping can be a bit less painful. Much more than just a shoe store, Cayman Shoe Shop is also your one-stop shop for back-to-school necessities this fall.

“Backpacks, crayons, compasses, rulers … everything and anything you can think of,” says Firman Vera of Cayman Shoe Shop, is stocked at the company’s main location on Eastern Avenue, opposite Kirk’s Supermarket.

In addition to a wide selection of school supplies to help get the kids ready for a new school year, the store is also filled with affordable fashions and, of course, shoes. In fact, according to Firman, school shoes are probably the back-to-school product most in demand during the fall.

Customers looking to outfit their school-bound youngsters can turn to the store for everything from sneakers to black leather school shoes.

And the kids aren’t the only ones who can get in on the affordable fashion offered by Cayman Shoe Shop, the main location is also stocked with clothing, handbags, jewellery, appliances, home decorating accents and bedding. From footwear to house wares, the store has an almost overwhelming variety of choices and is stocked with everything a family could ask for.

If the main store does not have exactly what you are looking for, Cayman Shoe Shop has a number of other stores, with multiple locations in the Thompson building in George Town, as well as a store in the West Shore Centre on West Bay Road.

Each of Cayman Shoe Shop’s different locations offers customers a different range of products to choose from. So, for whatever you are looking for, there’s a Cayman Shoe Shop for that.   WH