Happy Hour at Harvey’s

For those who spend their days downtown, there are few better places to unwind after work than Guy Harvey’s Island Grill. Located right on the George Town waterfront in South Church Street, it is the perfect sanctuary, ideal for waiting for the traffic to ease up while enjoying the daily happy hour.
With a large parking area available at the back of the building, it offers a quick and convenient escape from snail’s pace traffic, instead allowing you to slow down and relax after a hectic day at the office, whether it is a planned or spur of the moment thing.

The big outside patio is perfect for watching the sun set over harbour and the venue draws a great mix of people, from local regulars to first time visitors to the Island.
“The key to the success of happy hour is that it happens every night from 5pm to 7pm and it is a real happy hour, which means half price on every drink,” says Bruno Deluce, owner of the restaurant.
They up the ante on Friday evenings as well, with complementary tapas and other finger food to go with the half-priced drinks. According to those in the know, the Mojitos are well worth a sampling.
Another important part of the success of happy hour at Guy Harvey’s is the local feel to the bar, which manages to avoid a tourist trap atmosphere in spite of its waterfront location.
The friendly staff are also very adept at not only remembering your face, but your drink of choice as well – quite useful when you’ve had one of those days at the office and your brain is no longer functioning at full capacity.
For those who find that the end of happy hour has rolled around on Friday evening, there is the perfect incentive to stay for dinner, with the restaurant offering a New York strip steak dinner for $9,99.   WH


Stephen Clarke