Goldmember – Triple Crown Pub

Triple Crown has become a popular haunt for fans of the English Premiership ever since it opened its doors some four years ago. However, since its latest refurbishment, the bar has diversified to appeal to an even wider audience.

“There are eight TVs now rather than the three that was. It’s a general sort of a sports bar now, not just the English football, anything anyone wants to watch basically we’ve got on,” says Stuart Hudson of Triple Crown.

This has seen the regulars shift from a core group of Premiership fans to a much wider sporting audience spanning the nationalities represented in Cayman. The bar seems the perfect place to chill out with a pool table and Golden Tee to keep you busy before or after the game.

“It’s a very chilled out sort of bar, mate. Very easy to come in and just do nothing – drift away, watching sport,” says Stuart.

The food is the perfect fit for the laid-back atmosphere of the pub, with Stuart describing it as cheap and cheerful pub grub. “But the food’s fantastic,” he is quick to add.

With specials like Curry Night on Tuesdays and Steak Night on Thursdays, there are plenty of opportunities to test out the grub.

Of course, the food would be nothing without a brew to wash it down, and Caybrew, especially the draft, goes down very well at Triple Crown.

“When they first came out they were just doing the cans and the bottles, which sold well, but since they’ve been doing the draft, it’s our best selling lager, our best selling draft and I do think the draft does taste a little bit different from the bottle – I think it tastes fantastic,” says Stuart.

The addition of Ironshore Bock to the lineup has also filled a gap as there are not many dark beers on Island.

Of course, the recycling efforts at the Cayman Islands Brewery do not go unnoticed.

“Because it’s from the Island, it’s nice that Caybrew actually does recycling;- if you take the bottles back they give you money off your next case,” says Stuart.

Getting to know Caybrew up close and personal through the CIB Gold Member programme was a highlight for the crew at Triple Crown.

“It’s outstanding – me and a couple of the bartenders went over and it’s just a good thing they do really. It’s nice to know how the beer is made, exactly how you’re supposed to pour it,” says Stuart.

Of course, more knowledge about the beer means the bartenders can tell customers a little more about the beer when they are asked. You can actually answer their questions instead of just talking, which I do a lot of,” he says, laughing..   WH