Ignite your passions

So a man walks into a lingerie store… it sounds like the beginning of a badly inappropriate joke. Fortunately, since I was the man in question and do blush rather easily, the owner of Passions, Nannette Wacker, is very easy to talk to. I didn’t even blush once, in spite of the sexy lingerie lining the walls.

“At first I set a specific demographic – the young up and coming, fashionable business woman. People who are aware of style, who have to be dressed in something special, not just on the surface, but also underneath,” says Nannette.

The boutique in Galleria Plaza West Bay offers a wide selection of lingerie from well known brands and over time it has branched out quite a bit, going beyond sexy.

“People always tend to think it is all sexy stuff, but I also carry very practical and comfortable sleep wear, lounge wear, gowns, robes and a limited amount of underwear for men as well,” says Nannette.

The boutique caters for a wide variety of people with Nannette being quick to point out that you don’t have to look like an underwear model to find something special in the store.

It is also the perfect place to go for a special costume for Halloween or Pirates Week. Whether you are planning to be a wench during Pirates Week or the Bride of Dracula for Halloween, your imagination is the only limit. Nannette is expanding the selection of costumes as the celebration draw near and she also does special orders for costumes if you are looking for something truly unique and very eye-catching. The selection will suit everyone from the more regular festival goer to the, how shall I put this diplomatically, somewhat more extroverted. And there I go, blushing again.

According to Nannette, the aim at Passions is to make you feel special, and help you look good while doing so. So no matter what image you have to project to the world in general, underneath you can still be exactly who you want to be.   WH