Together we make a difference

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This year there is a couple more exciting events to add to the schedule.

24K-Mon Jewelers & Art Gallery is hosting the BRAvo Art Exhibit and competition. Join in celebrating a unique uplifting art experience to raise awareness of breast cancer. The idea is elegantly simple – contestants the bra as a basis to create a masterpiece. The bra can be decorated, or a bra can be incorporated into the artwork. Other media can even be used to represent a bra. So get out the paints, glitter, sequins, glue, feathers, needle, thread, or clay and begin. Be creative  by stitching, gluing and fashioning your designs for a bra. Or perhaps let the ink or paint flow on the canvas to depict the bra, or sculpt a form in clay, wire, paper or fabric. There will prizes for various categories and the BRAvo Art will be on exhibit through November 2010 at 24K-Mon Jewelers & Art Gallery. People who visit the exhibition will be able to vote for their favourite artwork, which will be auctioned with the proceeds benefiting the Lion’s Club of Tropical Garden’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. Through the artistic creations there will be conveyed the serious message of breast cancer awareness. For BRAvo Art Registration and information please email [email protected] or call 949-1499

Another event is the Breast Cancer Survivors Breakfast, hosted by Lion’s Club of Tropical Gardens, which will take place on Saturday, 30 October at the Westin Resort. A fellowship filled with encouragement, inspiration and educational time of sharing life experiences. Offering hope and support, the event will honour those whose lives have been affected with the challenge of this illness. Breast cancer survivors will be the guests of the Lions Club, while tickets for the event will also be available for sale for others interested in attending the event. The event is sponsored by Baptist Hospital Health International Center who also help make it possible for Dr. Joseph Ostroski and Dr. Robert P. DerHagopian to be the guest speakers.

The slogan for the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 2010 is “Together we make a difference.” Every year the members work tirelessly to raise funds, plan events and assist those in need. There are many activities planned, inviting community wide participation. Visit for more information on events including educational seminars and walk-a-thon registration. Breast cancer awareness items will also be available for purchase.   WH