Photographer’s haven

Little Cayman’s natural beauty cannot help but inspire even amateur photographers to take their art to the next level. From the warm reds and yellows of a Caribbean sunset, to the cool turquoise and green of the shallow waters that lap the coast, the colours alone can make a trip well worth the short flight over.

The unspoilt natural beauty of the island provides colours, shapes and textures enough to fill an entire gallery. From lush green mangroves to the grey skeletons of trees long gone, nature shows its many faces on the island. Then there are the creatures that inhabit this little slice of paradise.

The Sister Islands Rock Iguanas seem to be keen models, whether lounging in the sun or feasting on fallen fruit. They may not have the same powder blue colouring of their relatives over on Grand Cayman, but what they lack in colour they certainly make up for in texture and attitude.

The birds that call Booby Pond home also offer excellent subjects, whether the waders standing in the tranquil waters, the boobies roosting in the trees lining the edge of the pond, or frigate birds wheeling high above. Around sunset, keep an eye out for the frigate birds as they try to rob returning boobies of the day’s catch as the boobies come home to roost around sunset.

Of course, for those interested in diving and with the right equipment, there is another world to explore, rich in colour and variety.

Little Cayman still retains its small island character, and the rustic appeal of the island is apparent everywhere. Buildings, boats, jetties, and of course the local people all add to the unique character and make for excellent photographic subjects as well.

With regular flights between Little Cayman and Grand Cayman on Cayman Airways Express, the Island is just a short hop away and is the perfect getaway – just pack up your toothbrush and your camera and you’re ready to go.   WH