Taking shopping to a new level

This Christmas shopping season, there are two fewer reasons to head over to the States for some shopping.

Nicola de Lima has added two new stores to the existing NKY and NKY Collections in Camana Bay. These stores address two of the most essential fashion needs there can be, and two that certainly stir more passion than most – shoes and jeans.

The Jean Bar is a truly unique concept on Island, and takes ‘concept store’ to a whole new level. The store decor reflects a rustic, Western bar, complete with a bartender, or jean-tender, to be exact. Customers seat themselves at a bar, and after discussing size, wash and cut, customers are served with a selection of jeans that match their requirements. Shopping for the perfect pair of jeans couldn’t be easier. In keeping with the bar theme, the store even features a pool table, which present the perfect opportunity to see how a prospective pair of jeans perform in one of the ultimate fit tests – bending forward to sink a shot in the corner pocket.

A door in the back leads through to the second new store, and into a different world.

Soles is a shoe store with a difference – clean, white decor is offset with a red carpet running through the middle of the store, and why not, because there is no better place to test the perfect pair of shoes than strolling down the red carpet. The clean, modern look shows the shoes to perfection, with splashes of colour adding to the overall impression of something truly fresh.

Yet in spite of the amazing designs and designer goods, Nicola carries through the same philosophy that she brought to NKY and NKY Collections – bring designer brands to Cayman while they’re hot, and do so at great prices. She also sees to it that the stores cater to a wide range of clientele, with dresses starting from as little as $100, and available in styles to suit everyone from 18 to 98, and sizes to match.

And don’t think this is only for the girls – guys need jeans and good shoes to, and Nicola makes sure she has more than enough for the boys to choose from as well.

So before you head off Island looking for a just the right pair of jeans or that perfect pair of shoes, be sure to drop in to The Jean Bar and Soles – even in the unlikely event that you don’t find what you are looking for, just the shopping experience itself promises to be something to remember.