How to benefit your body

 Sometimes the toughest part of getting into shape is stepping out the front door. Maybe it’s a lack of confidence; maybe a lack of motivation, but failing to even get to the gym is certain to derail a fitness routine focussed on gym-based workouts. For those who find that first step the hardest, mobile personal training might be just the answer, as you don’t even have to leave the comfort and privacy of your own home if you don’t want to.

Catherine Gallant and Carla Shearing of Body BeneFIT both have experience working in a gym-based personal training environment, but say that even as trainers, the mobile training experience is much more rewarding. Their training sessions are not very equipment intensive – vital for an exercise programme that comes to you. This also makes it possible to train in a variety of different venues, whether you want to train in your living room, in the garden, or out on the beach. The options are quite endless, so you can make use of the cooler weather in the early part of the year by training outside, and head back inside when it gets too hot later.

Training one on one with a trainer allows a programme to be personalised to suit your goals and progress, while at the same time helping a lot with motivation, as it is very hard to back out of a training session when your personal trainer is standing at your front door.

The programme is also much more portable than an average gym workout, as it can easily be adapted to use whatever is in your hotel room when you travel.

Of course, by February some are finally getting around to their New Year’s resolutions, while the early starters might already have found resolutions are much harder to stick to than to make, so it is a great time to get started on a personal training programme.

The programme has a strong focus on core work, as a strong core is not only vital to fitness in general, but to better posture and counteracting the wear and tear that everyday life places on the body. The programme is also varied, which means that the body is being constantly challenged to do new things – the perfect way to assure progression in your fitness.

Body BeneFIT provide lifestyle advice as well, as it is impossible to separate fitness from your everyday life.

Carla often encourages her clients to keep food journals so they can develop an idea of how much they need to eat, and how much they actually do eat.

Although much of the training they do is on on one, Carla and Catherine also offer training for couples or a couple of friends together, as it often helps people with their motivation, and is more affordable than individual training.

However, as mobile training might be a new concept to many, and of course you want to get to know your trainer, Carla offers a free introductory training session to prospective new clients in order to help them see the benefits Body BeneFIT can hold for them.

Carla is quick to point out that no matter what they do for their clients, nothing is a quick fix – being fit and healthy is a lifestyle choice. 

For more information on Body BeneFIT, visit or call Carla at 926-2117 to book a complimentary introductory training session.

Carla’s top tips:

Variety is important, always challenge your body otherwise you will just reach a plateau and not progress.

Eat breakfast as it helps kick start your metabolism and keeps your energy levels up throughout the day, which will allow you to feel ready for that exercise session after work.

Weight training increases your lean body weight so you actually burn more calories during the day, even when sitting at your desk.

You should be sweating for half an hour each day. Do some form of exercise at least 30 minutes per day. It doesn’t have to be high intensity, as long as it gets you moving.

Pay attention to what you put in your mouth. Remember that everything counts (even broken cookies have calories).

Limit alcohol consumption, as these drinks add up even without that many calories in each drink, if you have seven drinks, it adds up quickly. A lot of people don’t think about their liquid calories, with sugar and alcohol being the two big culprits.

Don’t weigh yourself every day, rather find a pair of jeans that don’t fit, and try them on every now and again – that is how you will know it is working. It also helps to get your measurements taken and use these as a guideline rather than your weight.