Take a romantic break

 For most couples, the ultimate romantic getaway would be escaping to a tropical island paradise – just the two of you. For those of us fortunate enough to live in said paradise 365 days a year, the idea of a romantic getaway need not involve packing a passport – just a slight change of scenery can certainly do the trick.

However, rather than check into a hotel, why not try something a little different this year? Renting a villa or condo on the beach (or on a different beach if you’re already fortunate enough to live on a beach somewhere) can get you far enough away from your daily routine without forsaking the tropical island paradise for some foreign (and less welcoming) shores.

According to Penny Cumber of Cayman Villas, the company represents villas dotted all around the Island from Seven Mile to Cayman Kai, all of them right on the beach and perfect for a private getaway. For those looking for an even more private experience, there are options on Little Cayman as well, allowing you to have the perfect getaway without even really leaving.

“We have a large number of requests for wedding, honeymoon and romantic villas or condos and work closely with on-island wedding organisers to make sure that the venue is all that the couple hope for… so much more private, quiet and romantic than a hotel,” she says.

Regardless of how simple or extravagant your tastes, it is easy to find something that is the perfect fit, as Cayman boasts a wide variety of accommodations. From quaint little honeymoon-style cottages on Little Cayman to huge, ostentatious mansions along the coast of Grand Cayman, you can find something that suits your taste and budget.

“With Cayman’s dependable weather, calm warm waters, tropical foliage and a reliably maintained villa to high standards, the couple can just relax and enjoy the best that the Caribbean has to offer,” says Penny.

A personal favourite when it comes to escaping from the daily grind that surrounds George Town is to head out to Cayman Kai, where a little bit of real island living seems to have settled away from the crowds along the Seven Mile Beach strip. Few things are as appealing as an early morning stroll on the beach, with nothing to disturb the peace and quiet. For anyone who has ever spent time at Rum Point on a weekend afternoon and thinks they know what the far side of the Island is like, just one early morning spent walking the beach there will change that perception forever.

For more information on Cayman Villas, visit their website at caymanvillas.com. Prices range from around $200 per night all the way up to $2,500 per night, depending on the villa and the time of year.