Gifts with timeless elegance

Selecting wedding china can be a rather
trying task, especially for couples whose tastes might not align perfectly.
However, selecting something with simple elegance can be the perfect
compromise, as it will have universal appeal and will weather changes in
fashion and personal very effectively.

An excellent example is the Vera Wang
collection from Wedgewood, which along with the rest of the Waterford Wedgewood
collections are now featured in the Kirk Freeport Waterford Wedgewood boutique
on Cardinal Avenue.

As the official retailer for Wedgewood
in Cayman, the store also offers couples who register their wedding china at
the store the opportunity to enter the Wedgewood Bride of the Year programme,
with the winner receiving a gift certificate to spend on any Wedgewood
product.   WH


For more information, visit the Kirk Freeport
Wedgewood boutique on Cardinal Avenue or visit