Kirstin Eklund of Happy Fish Divers

 It doesn’t take long to realise that Kirstin Eklund is an ambitious young lady. Originally from Canada she did not happen upon the Cayman Islands by chance; although finding romance overseas certainly played its part.
Kirstin was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. Once she had completed high school she decided to pursue Massage Therapy studies. She had nearly finished her two-year course when an injury to her ankle sidelined her. After all, being able to stand up can be kinda important in that line of work. As it turns out it wasn’t the end of the world – she had lost her initial enthusiasm for massage and so moved on to the job market. Her first position was in retail selling men’s work wear and fashion where she stayed for a few years. At the same time she got her first introduction to Scuba diving – drawn to the sport by her love of being in the water. You have to be pretty enthusiastic about learning to dive if you live in Calgary. Lake Minnewanka is not known for its balmy temperatures. Kirstin took her Open Water Course there, but did not manage to complete the minimum number of necessary dives for the certification. It was quite a while later – four years ago – that she finally completed the course.

By now she had moved to working in commercial real estate but knew that she was destined for better things elsewhere. Hawaii might have found her landing on its shores had it not been for a fortuitous date with destiny. She signed up on and within two months was matched with a young man living in the Cayman Islands. Happy to take the plunge, she left Calgary behind and moved to Grand Cayman to cultivate the relationship and advance her diving skills. She had always enjoyed teaching, and so felt that becoming a Dive Instructor was the way forward. As the romantic relationship blossomed, so she added to her list of dive certifications. In just under a year she was a Dive Instructor and ready to work.
She had taken her Divemaster course at Happy Fish Divers, really enjoyed it, and just had to convince the owner, John to hire her. Where do you think she’s working now?

Kirstin doesn’t miss massage therapy in the slightest…or the Canadian weather. In fact she says she couldn’t imagine doing anything else – she is happy and fulfilled in her job, and that is worth everything. Oh yes; and she and the boyfriend are still going strong. She loves how accessible the dive sites are here in Cayman and looks forward to work every day at Happy Fish. John is a font of knowledge to tap and the operation is small and friendly – no one gets lost in the shuffle. It is a company offering very personalised service with a maximum of six divers on the boat.
Call Happy Fish Divers today and book a course or dive with Kirstin. She’s a happy fish; are you?

Happy Fish Divers: 547-5699

Dolphin Point
Tip of West Wall
The pin is in 50ft of water and you can descend on either side of the ‘mountain’ depending on the direction of the current. You don’t have to go deep at this dive site if you don’t want to. There is lots to see at 70ft, 90ft…wherever you choose to linger. It is very clean and vibrant thanks to the nutrients that constantly feed it. Expect to see coral life, parrotfish, turtles, eels, puffer fish and lots of small sea creatures. Don’t forget your safety stop as you ascend back to the boat.

Le Mesa
West Wall

The pin is in 40ft and the site is in the shape of a mushroom. Drop down into the channel to start and then follow the reef all the way around. You’ll discover tube sponges, cleaning stations and schooling snapper, grunts, horse-eyed jacks, barracuda and many other fishies. Safety stop on the way back up.