Shopping for something special

As any father will be able to tell you, celebrating Mother’s Day has the same importance to children that remembering your anniversary has to husbands. It is a day when all mum’s efforts are celebrated and an opportunity for the kids to show how much they care. Now of course this cannot happen without dad’s help, as stores tend not to accept a bag of marbles in exchange for a watch or jewellery. Fortunately, Island Companies’ stores make it easy to find that perfect gift, with choices ranging from the simple to the spectacular.

When it comes to family friendly shopping, the stores at Camana Bay are perfect, as the wide open spaces and fountains offer plenty of distraction. When enough energy has been burned off, a visit to Watch.Me, De Sunglass Man or The Mansion is sure to serve up the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Unique, quality gifts do not have to carry stratospheric prices either. Sprout watches from Watch.Me offer a true eco friendly watch, with organic cotton straps, corn-starch resin-based bodies and even mercury-free batteries, all aimed at making these watches truly green. Combine this with fresh, funky designs and you are well on your way to a perfect gift. Best of all, dad might not even have to chip in to help, as the watches start from as little as $30. Not only are the watches fun and affordable, but are also an excellent conversation piece and available in bright colours to spice up mum’s watch wardrobe. What mum may wear to work or to an afternoon tea is not necessarily what she will wear to a workout or to go out and have fun with the kids, so this is an opportunity for the kids to go and get something for mum that maybe she wouldn’t automatically do for herself.

Another great option for kids who want to give mom something special without having to go to dad for financing is Pandora jewellery. The fastest growing jewellery brand in the world is famous for its iconic charm bracelets and with charms starting from as little as $26, it is a great way for kids to give mum something special and meaningful. The bracelet lends itself very well to sharing or identifying those special moments, as each charm represents a special moment. In this way, the bracelet becomes intensely personal and gains more meaning as charms are added over time.

These charms at least are certain to succeed, unlike your own charms when you explain why you neglected Mother’s Day this year.

When it comes to a feel good gift, nothing can match a Philip Stein watch, available from The Mansion. Not only will mum feel good because she looks good, but Philip Stein watches, featuring Natural Frequency Technology, has been clinically proven to help improve sleep quality. In fact, this is the only item that ever made Oprah Winfrey’s My Favourite Things list twice. Add to that great fashion forward styling as well as more traditionally elegant models and it is a gift that is certain to find favour with all supermums.

Sunglasses from De Sunglass Man also combine the fashionable and practical, especially in a sunny climate like Cayman, where spending time outside is a large part of what makes island living so attractive. With exclusive brands including Chanel, Bulgari, Maui Jim and Ray Ban, it is the ideal opportunity to buy mum something special.

Another great way for dad to let the kids decide on a gift for mum is to buy an Island Companies gift card. This allows the kids to take mum shopping and search out the perfect gift and as the cards are redeemable any Island Companies store, the selection is virtually endless.

Of course, as children grow older, the realisation dawns of just how much mum has sacrificed for them, something that applies to children of all ages, and the choice of gifts can change along with this realisation.

Jewellery from Mattioli is an excellent option for a mum who is always on the move, as this fashionable line is built around the ability to add to and extend mum’s wardrobe. Pieces in the collection can be used as a necklace, a bracelet, and even feature interchangeable pendants for necklaces and earrings. When travelling, mum can have a very functional, small collection of jewellery that can go from the office to the evening to a night on the town with just a couple of small changes, all with a very fashion forward look.

Another brilliant gift is the Crazy Carats watch by Fendi. The watch features a unique twist; a rotating bezel that changes the colour of the jewels set into the face of the watch, allowing it to go from stylish to funky in a couple of seconds.

Of course, for the mum who has it all and deserves only the best, nothing can compare to Hearts On Fire diamond jewellery. The world’s most perfectly cut diamond offers a sparkle that cannot be matched, and represents the best that one can give.

Jewellery is not the only option when it comes to gifts though, with a number of designers like Tanya Moss and John Hardy having branched out into homeware lines. An intricate, woven silver photo frame by John Hardy, combined with a treasured family photo, can be the most perfect gift for Mother’s Day. 

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