Friday evenings at 7 Prime Cuts and Sunsets are feature Uncorked, with 50 per cent off all wines on the extensive wine list.

According to Sommelier Hayley Wagner, this is her favourite evening of the week.

“We’re doing Uncorked to really let people go down the page per se, and also maybe try a wine from a different region that they’re not really familiar with. It’s definitely a fun night for me, as I get to pull some really cool bottles out of the cellar,” she smiles.
However, far from simply sticking to the ‘red meat, red wine’ mantra, Hayley suggests considering the weight of the meal.

“If you’re having a lighter meal you want a lighter wine. For instance with fillet I like a nice New World Pinot Noir so it’s not overpowering the steak. When you get into things that are marbled a little more like Ribeyes, New York Strips, and things of that nature, because those are richer, heavier dishes, you can definitely do a richer, heavier wine. I love Shiraz, Red Zinfandel, even some heavier Malbecs are quite lovely as well.

“A lovely white wine is definitely a classic pairing with fish, but what I like to tell people is don’t just look at the protein on the plate, look at the sauces that accompany it. For instance if you have grilled tuna, with a nice smoky flavour from the grill, goes really well with a Pinot Noir or a Burgundy, or a lighter Malbec, so it can definitely take red wine as well.

“What’s really important is the weight and richness of the dish, and then you can follow it with the weight and richness of the wine.”