DJ of the Month! High jinx with the Minx

For six years now, the Minx collective have created a very special niche in Cayman’s ever changing nightlife.

Hailing from the free-spirited party scenes of their respective birthplaces, their mantra is, “doing it for the love of house.”

Over the years, this evolving sound system has been comprised of several like-minded DJs, alongside two percussionists, a singer and saxophonist.

“There’s no DJ Minx, it’s always been about passionate people having a wonderful time on this great Island and getting music out: really good tracks, most of which you will not hear anywhere else on Island,” said Nick Pitman, who is one of the founding members of the Minx collective.

The current line-up includes Jeffrey James and Paul Fordham, and as a collective their style can be described as soulful and intelligent House Music, with a unique variation of influences from Disco, Soul, Gospel, to Rock and Hip-Hop, any of which can be heard within tracks at a Minx party.

“We don’t do requests, it’s just not the culture. We know we have a small but fluctuating scene and are proud to be the ambassadors of this sound. We spend a lot of time sourcing new tracks to ensure a unique offering, and to be honest, we are highly unlikely to have the request,” says Nick.

The guys added that there are more than enough other venues that play the mainstream songs that people hear daily.

Minx provides a subtle formula of deep, classic and progressive tracks for a diverse international crowd and an ever increasing number of local residents, many of whom are pleasantly surprised to discover that the sound making them dance and smile is actually House Music.

“One of the best things we get from new arrivals on Island is relief, after discovering there is somewhere on Island that can give them the quality of House Music they are used to from their homelands. Plus, the fact that we use Technics turntables always excites. Regardless of technology, nothing can beat the physical feeling using them or seeing a DJ work them well,” explains Nick.

The current Minx group consists of three DJs who all began practicing in their bedrooms in their early teens with 80s Electro, Hip Hop and early House before playing out to college and house parties and local clubs. Unable to sever ties with their decks, wherever they have lived since then; from Canada, Japan, Australia and Europe to the Cayman Islands, they have played at and promoted events in their area.

Minx have been responsible for some very special parties at many fine venues such as the Hyatt rooftop and the Secret Garden parties at the Grand Pavilion, as well as Full Moon and NYE parties at Calico Jacks for “true Househeads,” as the Minx boys like to call their supporters. HMS Minx is what they are known best for with a day out on the high seas, organised around celebrations such as their followers’ birthdays or leaving parties (and of course Pirates Day) where they can crank up the volume and play a more energetic selection of tracks.

HMS Minx voyages depart on very special occasions, with the next scheduled journey set for 17 September, with another planned for Pirates Week, and there are certain to be more regular sightings of the Minx as high season swings around again. WH

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