Big brothers, big sisters, big fun

Get ready to get fashionable with the coolest jazz in town.

Big Brothers Big Sisters are putting on their popular fundraising event, An Evening of Jazz and Fashion once more at Abacus and this year looks to ramp up the glamour even more than 2010’s incredibly successful event.

This year’s bash takes place on Thursday, 17 November, at Abacus restaurant in Camana Bay. Dinner and welcome cocktails get under way from 5pm and the fashion show, which will be interspersed with a live auction, is slated to start at 6.30pm sharp.

If 2010 is anything to go by, it’s going to be slinky and extremely swish. There were models wearing pieces from NKY and NKY collections performing in front of all sorts of sectors of the community including law firms, former leaders of government business and former Miss Caymans.

“We’re keeping a similar concept because what we did last year worked beautifully”, said Hemant Balgobin, interim fundraising chair.

“We’re also widening our model pool to include prominent citizens from professions outside of law and we’ve made a few other changes relating to the venue and the sequence of activities to keep things fresh and exciting,”

The Big Brothers Big Sisters board added that it was predicting an even more elegant affair and that it was planning for a much bigger crowd.

All event proceeds will go toward the development of Big Brothers Big Sisters’ mentorship programmes and the training of the volunteer mentors so that they can make a lasting impression on the children involved. US research has shown that positive relationships between young people and their Big Brother and Big Sister mentors have a direct and measurable impact on their lives.

By participating in the youth mentoring programme, Little Brothers and Sisters are more confident in their academic performance, able to get along better with their families, 46 per cent less likely to begin using illegal drugs, 27 per cent less likely to begin using alcohol and 52 per cent less likely to skip school.

The 2010 event featured a number of well-known public figures on the catwalk including Franz Manderson, Linda Evans, Stefan Baraud, Truman Bodden and Margaret Ramsey. Donations to the auction came from all sectors of the community.

Individual tickets for the Abacus-based fundraiser cost $40 and corporate tables of 12 including two complimentary bottles of wine are available, with a cost to be announced.

The major corporate sponsors are Abacus, NKY & NKY Collections, Camana Bay, dms Broadcasting Limited, the WestStar Cable TV and the Caymanian Compass. WH

The aim of the BBBS is to support families who have a lot of responsibilities and would welcome additional support. While our mission is to make a difference in the lives of children and youth, we hope to assist them in achieving their highest human potential through a professionally supported one-to-one (mentoring) relationship with a caring adult.