Compass Point Healthcare factoids

 The Cayman Islands has two government hospitals and one private 24-hour hospital.

The government facility is known as the George Town Hospital and includes dental facilities. Faith Hospital is on Cayman Brac the Little Cayman Clinic services that Island.

The private hospital is Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital on Grand Cayman.

Health insurance is a compulsory requirement on the Cayman Islands. If you are planning to purchase your own medical and health insurance, do consider the scope of coverage that you are interested in. There are packages available that include dental and optical care as well as pharmaceuticals and this may be a viable solution, if you tend to get ill easily.

An employer can deduct up to 50 per cent of the cost of employee health insurance, and 100 per cent of the cost of employee dependant health insurance from the wage package offered.

On Grand Cayman, it is also possible to have advanced radiology, CTs, MRI, digital mammograms, 3D and 4D-ultrasounds, echocardiography, GI endoscopy, chemotherapy, hospice and in-home nursing.

The medical community will use Fahrenheit rather than Centigrade to measure body temperature; pounds and ounces rather than kilograms for weight and feet and inches rather than metres and centimetres for height.

There are routine immunisation schedules for children and adults that local doctors recommend: For example tetanus toxoid is recommended, as is the MMR vaccine and Hep B, but no vaccinations are required for international travel to the Cayman Islands.

Patients may be referred to overseas hospitals for specific treatments either unavailable or not commonly performed on-Island. Usually heart attack victims, premature babies and those who experience a bad accident are often airlifted overseas.

The most common non-communicable diseases in the Cayman Islands are diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Healthcare 20/20, a conference with a mandate to find ways to reduce medical costs in the Cayman Islands, will be held 17-19 at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman.

The Cayman Islands Government has set into motion plans to make the Cayman Islands a medical tourism destination.
Charities associated with healthcare in the Cayman Islands include the Cayman Islands Cancer Society, Cayman Heart Fund, Cayman Islands Diabetes Association, Breast Cancer Awareness Support Group, Cayman Islands AIDS Foundation and Cayman Islands Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Pharmacies in the Cayman Islands are well-stocked, open convenient hours and have informed and helpful pharmacists. Many have multiple branches, and both Foster’s Food Fair and Kirk Supermarket have in-store pharmacies open 12 hours a day. WH