The King lives

He may be six feet under in Memphis but every Thursday and Saturday night he resurfaces in Breakers, Grand Cayman, at the South Coast Bar and Grill.

From his gold rimmed shades to his rhinestone jumpsuits Errol Dunbar takes his portrayal of “Elvis” very seriously. His shake, rattle and roll knees entertain the audience on Karaoke Nights at the popular South Coast watering hole.

When Errol takes his beer breaks other celebrity wannabes take over the same stage singing everything from country, reggae to alien Spanish songs that have the pretty bartenders singing along.

However, they are merely a warm up act for Errol who is without question always the star of the show.

If you are an Elvis fan, his South Coast performances can be a bit ghostly; it’s like the “King” has risen from the grave. When the lights are turned way down and he belts out “Blue Suede Shoes” and “All Shook up” you may see only a sparkle of the rhinestones or a quick flash of his guitar. It makes you wonder if it’s nothing more than a phantom image, but he’s there in living colour.

Talk about colour, Errol proves you don’t have to be a fat white man to impersonate Elvis. His stage presence combines a lot of the elements that are reminiscent of a live Elvis performance. His costume replicates the entire spectrum of the Elvis era, a time when his swivelling hips were driving the world wild. Errol’s show is certainly not a Las Vegas extravaganza, there is no backup orchestra or blinding spot lights; however, the full karaoke sound system and the relaxed local mood of the South Coast Bar and Grill make a night with Elvis worth the drive to Breakers. Tony Powell, owner of the South Coast Grill invites everyone out for an evening of fun entertainment and good local food. There is no admission charge. WH

An Elvis impersonator is someone who impersonates or copies famed American musician Elvis Presley. Professional Elvis impersonators can work all over the world as entertainers, and such tribute acts are in great demand due to the unique iconic status of Elvis. There are even a number of radio stations that exclusively feature Elvis impersonator material. Many impersonators sing Presley’s songs. While some of the impersonators perform a whole range of Presley music, the raw 1950s Elvis and the kitschy 1970s Elvis are the favourite.

The Real Elvis
Elvis Aaron Presley (8 January, 1935 – 16 August, 1977) was one of the most popular American singers of the 20th Century. A cultural icon, he is widely known by the single name Elvis. He is often referred to as the “King of Rock and Roll” or simply “the King”.