Clever Knots Hard to describe

The Barefoot Man:About George 

I am not usually lost for words when describing the sound or styles of our local bands and entertainers. However this time I could be at a loss for words.

Through my circle of music connections I had heard the name Clever Knots pop up now and then. The comments were more than positive – observations were like a passionate rave. “You gotta hear these guys”, “Wow”, “Now that’s different”, et cetera.

I tracked down Rich Dyer (keyboard) who passed on a link to one of their videos. After watching, well, I had to parrot what I’d heard from others

“Wow, now that’s different”. It’s hard to pin a genre on their sound. It’s a mix, an immaculately chosen blend of R&B, soul and ballady rock ‘n roll classics – I think?

Well if I’m wrong , I’m sure about one thing – they write some impressive music and I am one who has much respect for musicians that stray from the norm of playing nothing but covers by other artists.

Their original Yer Fingers is an enchanting composition that should be sitting on the world charts rather than be confined to the shores of Grand Cayman. Composed by Rich, a Scotsman and Sean Ebanks, Caymanian, it’s proof (in spite of the foreigner bashers) that locals and expats can synchronise moods, thoughts and feel good music.

Though they started out as a duo, drummer Adrian Ebanks has now become part of Clever Knots.

The trio recently recorded their first album, titled Which Books to Burn, at Hopscotch. This album is a moving local masterpiece of super-stimulus tunes, styles and sounds that are simply too hard to depict with my three-chord vocabulary.

On 3 February Clever Knots shared the stage with nine times Grammy Award winner John Legend at Camana Bay – quite an achievement for a relatively new band and one which will see them reaching a much wider audience.

Their CD is must – Hopefully you will be more successful at unfolding their aberrant styles and sounds than I. Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to put that CD on again – brilliant!

Clever Knot’s debut album,
Which Books to Burn, is available from iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby among others.


Stephen Clarke