A promise of quality

When it comes to the most important moments in life, diamonds play a major role. It is quite impossible to imagine an engagement or wedding without the word ‘diamond’ springing to mind, even though alternatives do exist.

“Island Companies is really the company that brought diamonds as a major diamond retailer onto the island almost 20 years ago and we’ve been serving Cayman for a very long time as the diamond retailer of choice,” says Alexandre Tabacoff, CEO of Island Companies.

It was therefore very important to the company that when selecting engagement rings and fine jewellery to accompany the selection of diamonds, the quality of the setting had to match the quality of the diamonds.

“It was very important that we recognise who’s the best out there and the most recognisable diamond brand in North America and Canada is Tacori,” says Alexandre.

The brand maintains a truly craftsman approach to the jewellery it creates, with teams of artists working on new designs all the time, with only the most promising designs moving forward into production. What truly sets the brand apart is that all the jewellers finished by hand.

“This is not a product that is run off on a machine – this is a human being that is polishing this, they’re etching it and they’re setting the stones by hand,” says Penny Kapetaneas, diamond specialist from Island Companies’ store Diamonds Direct.

The idea is to create a ring that will be as unique as each relationship it cements.

This attention to detail is not limited to the creation of Tacori jewellery, but also forms part of the company’s approach to customer service. In fact, the company has become so famous for its customer service that it has created what has become known as the Tacori promise.

“It’s not only unique design, dedicated service but also lifetime care. So when you buy a Tacori engagement ring, wedding ring, you get a certificate that is personalised to your serial number, to your ring, and you can get the engraving touched up, you can get general refurbishing, sizing, and it is something that is complementary and it’s a lifetime service,” says Penny.

Along with the Tacori Promise, Island Companies offers their own 90 day global money back gold star guarantee on all purchases as well.

Of course, as iconic as diamond jewellery is, for many it is a once in a lifetime purchase, and the rising prices of precious metals like platinum does not help.

This is why Tacori decided to launch its 18k925 collection, which features 18 carat gold and silver jewellery with semi-precious stones at a much more affordable price point than the traditional Tacori collections, but while maintaining the same attention to details and exquisite design touches the brand has become famous for. According to Penny, the 18k925 collection allows the purchase of Tacori quality on those instances when you just want to treat yourself, or when selecting a gift for someone.

The collection brings out the lighter side of Tacori, with more fashion and fun than is possible in a wedding and engagement ring collection.

“It allows you to be part of Tacori without the wedding obligation,” she smiles.

Although jewellery from the 18k925 collection may not require as big a commitment as a wedding, Tacori’s commitment to the line is not diminished, as the Tacori promise still applies to the pieces in the collection.

Another unique feature of Tacori is the very interactive nature of their website, which is a veritable treasure trove of information, especially for those guys who find themselves having to consider jewellery purchases for the first time. It not only includes information on how to select a ring, but even provides ideas on the proposal itself. Then again, one would assume that anyone who does not get a ‘yes’ when presenting a Tacori ring must really misread the situation completely.

Tacori is exclusive to Island Companies, and is available from Island Jewellers, Diamonds Direct and The Mansion. Penny Kapetaneas can be found most days in Diamonds Direct in The Island Plaza, and can be reached on 945-6868.