Something for the City Chick

Downtown George Town may seem like it is dominated by stores aimed squarely at the cruise tourists that pour out of the ships every morning. However, fortunately for those who work in the downtown area, there are also stores that cater for the local market. City Chick, located on Fort Street, is one of these.

According to Sherrlyn Soto, the owner of the store, City Chick has a very casual vibe, inviting customers to come in and browse. The layout of the store seems to draw you in and makes you want to explore, with the selection of items awakening a sense of discovery.

The store specialises in accessories including costume jewellery from simple crystal pendants to bright and colourful pieces. It also carries a wide range of handbags in various designs and colours, and has extended its range of items due to customer demand. It now also stocks some linen clothing, perfect for the warm Cayman weather, and also has a variety of gift items in stock. These include perfumes, body lotions, and Yankee candles, to name but a few. One of the more recent additions to the store is cosmetics, which not only make a great gift, but is perfect for anyone needing a quick midday touch-up.

Sherrlyn says one of the key elements for the store is to have items that are at a good price point to make it perfect whether for personal purchases or gifts.

For more information, call 916-3029. 

city Chick

Stephen Clarke