A classic cycling season

Those who spend some time out on the roads in the early morning or early evening might have noticed that it seems to be cycling season again, with everything from individuals to large groups cruising the districts.

Some do it for fitness, others just for fun, but on 15 April many will be looking to go the distance with the Massive 100-mile Bike Challenge.

The event, which is sponsored by Massive Equipment Rentals & Sales, will see cyclists visiting all the districts from West Bay to North Side as they circumnavigate Grand Cayman to complete a 100 mile epic trek.

However, although the distance may seem intimidating, the atmosphere of the ride is one of cooperation, with the more experienced cyclists working to guide those attempting their first 100 mile ride to a safe and ultimately enjoyable.

The ride will start at 5.30am from Seven Mile Public Beach, with the group heading out for a loop of West Bay before returning through the start-finish area some nine miles later on the way out to the Eastern Districts.

The first stop at the feed station, located at the junction of Frank Sound Road and Seaview Road, will take place at around the 30 mile mark, with a 10 minute stop scheduled for riders to top up their water bottles for the long trek ahead.

The next section of the ride will see the group head out through East End, along the Queen’s Highway and out to the turnaround at Rum Point, from where they will head back to the feed station on Frank Sound Road, reaching it for the second time after some 62 miles covered.

This will be followed by another loop of the Eastern Districts, with the group turning left onto Frank Sound Road instead of heading out to Rum Point, before making a final stop at the feed station after covering 80 miles.

From there it is straight back to the finish line at Public Beach, where a pasta and salad spread put on by Ristorante Papagallo will great the tired (and by now, famished) horde.

The idea behind the event is that the group will stick together as much as possible while travelling at a manageable speed of around 16 miles per hour. The group will remain together until the turnaround at Rum Point, after which some of the experienced cyclists will remain with the 16 miles per hour group to ensure that no one is left behind.

Registration for the event will take place online, with two registration options – one for $49 that includes a limited edition cycling jersey, while the second option excludes the cycling jersey for $25.

Online registration closes midnight on Friday 13 April, with a final chance to register at the Massive Offices (Industrial Park, next to Ropers) between 12pm and 1pm on Saturday 14 April at a cost of $35.

Additional tickets for the post event pasta party will also be available for family and supporters, at a cost of $15 for adults and $7.50 for kids.

Other events
The Massive 100 will kick off a busy cycling season that will include another ride on 22 April, as well as the very popular Cayman Classic Series, which will kick off on Sunday 29 April with five weekends of racing throughout the months of May.

For more information on these and other events, visit caymancycling.com.