Producing a wedding

A wedding can be quite a production – from sound and lighting to design and props it has all the makings of a stage show. That is why it makes sense that a company like Lions Productions, which has deep roots in keeping concerts and events running smoothly in Cayman, also works in the wedding planning field.

“Brides today have done a lot more homework, so weddings are becoming quite the production,” says Shari Stutte of Lions Productions.

The experience in stage events means that the company has a definite focus on getting sound and lighting just right, which might not be the first thing on many brides’ lists, but when all the guests can hear you say ‘I do’ it really does make a difference to the ceremony.

Although the company started out with (and still does a lot of) corporate events, the transition into weddings was a natural one, as some of their big corporate clients found they had weddings to organise for their children, and wanted to work with someone they had worked with before.

The company has been quick to make a name for itself in the business, especially due to its ability to either provide or fabricate just about any prop imaginable, making it perfectly suited to helping couples realise elaborate theme weddings.

A trend towards weddings becoming ever more personalised means that off-the-shelf solutions will quite often not be able to deliver what the bride wants. This is especially true of a trend away from the clean, simplified look of a modern wedding to weddings with more of a vintage feel to them.

“What makes us different is that not only does Lions Productions have a creative team that can help any bride with custom overall event design and styling just for her, but that Lions Productions can take the concepts and fabricate them,” says Shari.

The company can then accent these custom pieces with its extensive inventory of lighting, sound, linen and decor rentals and event-only floral.

“We can not only design the event to include new and fresh ideas, but then actually produce those ideas or trends,” says Shari.

With vintage weddings trending, the crew at Lions Productions has fabricated items such as custom dinner tables that resemble antique turned leg tables and authentic antique steamer trunk coffee tables. Add to that some custom lace-covered lighting effects and even mismatched antique china plates and silver pieces, and you have a one of a kind vintage wedding ready to go.

“We take the concept beyond just what we can provide out of inventory and provide the styling of the wedding to all aspects, even if we are not the direct provider of the service,” says Shari.

This can extend to helping plan how the food can be displayed in keeping with the theme of the wedding, or even designing special props for details like signature drink displays.

“A unique example of this could be for example, for a whimsical touch, a welcome cocktail could be served on an antique vanity table in mason jars accented with personalized little flags that have words that the bride and groom use to describe each other done in hand written calligraphy,” says Shari.

The company can also build up the perfect photo backdrop, similar to what you might see at premiere VIP Hollywood parties.

“Lions Productions can do this differently from other companies as we can not only design the custom pattern, but build, paint and rig the backdrop, then light it to a professional photographers levels and then make sure the photos can be re-played on one of our plasma screen rentals inside the reception later as a personal touch,” says Shari.

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