Something fresh from Bay Market

For all that Camana Bay has to offer, until recently there was one glaring omission – somewhere to do grocery shopping.

But Bay Market, located on Market Street in Camana Bay, is not only a specialist grocery store featuring organic and eco friendly products, but also a great lunch spot. In fact, it also offers breakfast and dinner selections, so it is well worth a visit even outside of lunch hour.

According to Geo Escobar, the manager at Bay Market, they try to keep the selection unique and wherever possible organic.

“In our salads and sandwiches, and almost all the ingredients that we use in our kitchen, is organic,” says Geo, adding that the only time they will use produce that is not organic is when something of the appropriate quality cannot be found.

“We want the customers to feel that they’re getting great service along with great ingredients that they trust. So when they come in here they don’t have to wonder about the products, they know the ingredients are of a high level and we strive for that every day,” says Geo.

When it comes to lunch, the team in Bay Market’s kitchen aim to create something unique.

“We have a carving station and we change that every day. We offer lamb, pork, ribeye, but it is seasoned and prepared in a way that is unique on the Island. For example we do a bacon-wrapped pork with sage and apples in the middle, and we carve that to the liking of the customer, with different dressings,” says Geo.

Although there are some dishes that Geo says will be on the menu consistently, the menu will vary with what is in season and in store.

“We’re always using what we have in store in terms of produce so we try to incorporate that into our kitchen. So today we might have a Portobello mushroom salad, tomorrow we might have a tomato, basil and mozzarella salad because we just got in some vine ripened tomatoes and we want to try that,” he says.

Geo says that by changing up the selections every day it gives customers an incentive to come in and see what they kitchen staff have cooked up.

“We have to try and keep the store evolving and keep it fresh as much as we can,” says Geo.

The approach of using what is in season and in store when preparing the dishes also means that it is easy for customers to draw inspiration from the menu items, find the ingredients in store and create something great at home.

“We change it up every day so it gives them an incentive to come in. What are they cooking up tomorrow? That’s the idea that we have to try and keep the store evolving and keep it fresh as much as we can,” he says.

The selection in store is constantly updated depending on what the customers are looking for, with these changes including the recent addition of omelettes and other breakfast selections.

“Since we opened we’ve been adjusting our product mix to fit with what the neighbourhood wants. We’ve been bringing a lot of items in gradually over the last couple of weeks, for example for people who follow a Paleo diet. We have a lot of coconut, almond, other ingredients.

“So we are constantly adding to our mix, because the store is not really, we think should be more of what the customers want for them to shop with us every day,” says Geo.

He is also especially proud of the tea and coffee selection at Bay Market, from the wide range of organic teas to Lavazza Italian coffee.

For more information, call 815-1080.



Stephen Clarke