Celebrate 50 years Havaianas style

This is a big year for Jamaica, with our close neighbour celebrating 50 years of independence in August, and the Olympic Games coming up as well. With a crop of the best sprinters the world has ever seen, all in their prime, Jamaica can expect to see a massive haul of medals on the track.

In fact, with Bolt, Powell and Blake, it will be tough enough for any other nation just to make it onto the podium, never mind all the way to the top. All this means that there has never been a better time to celebrate Jamaica, whether it’s your home, a favourite holiday destination, or just a country well worth celebrating for all it stands for.

Just in time for all the celebration, Havaianas has launched a special Jamaica-themed Havaiana so your feet can join in the celebrations.

“I actually looked on the Olympic schedule and the men’s 100 metres final is on the 5th of August so it could potentially be a huge double celebration,” says Savina Taylor of Walk Good Cayman.

Although the special Jamaica Havaiana is usually not sold in the Cayman market, all the celebrations this year make it an exception, and one not to miss.

“With the celebrations we thought we would bring it in this year. A lot of Jamaicans live here, a lot of people from here have Jamaican heritage dating back before independence,” says Savina.
In fact, for the month of July, Walk Good Cayman will have a special on the Jamaica Havaiana – down to $15 instead of the regular $21.

“In addition to Jamaica’s 50th anniversary of independence, this year is also Havaianas’ 50th year, as the first product they ever made was in June 1962. So this is a big year for Havaianas as well. 50 years for any brand is remarkable and all they make is flip flops. It must be that secret formula of the Brazilian rubber,” laughs Savina.

Of course, you may prefer to support your home country during the Olympics even its athletes do not stand a chance of 100 metres gold.

As part of its regular line, Walk Good also offers customers the option to add any of the flags in its collection to a pair of Havaianas at no additional cost. Although these might not be quite as celebratory as the special edition Jamaican Havaianas, it is a unique way to celebrate your national pride.

“So we just want to celebrate all nations, but maybe on in particular… Jamaica!” laughs Savina.

“There’s always a joke about why Jamaicans run so fast: because they have to run to catch the bus. Fortunately now when you support your team you don’t have to run in bare feet,” she says.

For more information, call 943-3434.



Stephen Clarke