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For an industry that is equal parts science and art, it would seem that too little time is often spent on the artistic aspect of makeup. Although a better product will help you achieve the results you want, if it is not correctly applied that will still not get you where you want to be.

This is why Sharron Eyers of Le Visage in Camana Bay goes beyond selecting some of the best products on the market to stock, including Stila and Kevin Aucoin, but also has a wide range of services available to showcase the products to the best advantage, from classes or specialised makeup services to a full wedding makeup service.

Teach me and Girls’ Night Out
Sharron was inspired to create an atmosphere that fosters learning about makeup due to her first experiences with makeup, which she recalls as being less than satisfying. This is why she created two teaching options. One features a one on one session, while the other is for a small group of friends who want to learn together.

Although the individual session lends itself more to in depth questions on how to make the most of makeup, Sharron says that the Girls’ Night Out is very popular and very fun, as friends can often be quite helpful in pointing out shortcomings in your makeup routine that might not have been apparent otherwise.

Specialised services
According to Sharron, many girls have a blind spot in their makeup skills, something they either do not feel comfortable doing or feel they need to change up a bit, while the rest of their routine is well in hand. Quite often their office makeup routine is perfect, but when it comes to something for taking on the town they lack the ability to change it up.

This is where Le Visage’s specialised services like For Your Eyes Only and their eyelash service comes in. Rather than having a full makeup service done, you can come in and just get your eyes done or get eyelash extensions put one, and you are ready for a night on the town.

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