The sweet beat at Nectar

The heart that beats out the rhythm in Miami’s South Beach is definitely Latin. That passion lends the nightlife there a unique appeal that transcends language and origin and just goes straight to the feet and gets them moving. I would have said it goes straight to the hips, but that would be Southern cooking, not Latin rhythms.

It is this Latin passion that Nectar, located in Seven Mile Shops, hopes to bring to the Cayman nightlife scene – a flavour that remains true without excluding anyone. The reinvention of Nectar seeks to keep the lounge appeal of its former incarnation while bringing it back with a spirit well suited to the hot tropical nights that Cayman is so well known for, with Luigi Lopez guiding the way.

Although Latin rhythms may have wide appeal and find their way into everything Nectar does, each evening has a distinctly different flavour.

Of course the weekend is huge, with Movida Fridays being all about getting people moving to the beat. With two DJs on the decks and a mix of Top 40 and Latin, you can dance the night away.
Saturday nights see another subtle shift as the theme moves to Tropical Saturdays, with a DJ spinning tropical rhythms. Naturally these are not rules so much as guidelines, so depending on what gets the crowd going on the dance floor, changes in style are accommodated.

Sundays feature Bikini Night, with the bartenders in bikinis and sarongs. Patrons are more than welcome to come in bikinis as well, although Luigi would much rather it be the girls than the guys who take him up on that offer.

Tuesdays also offer a unique experience, with a free belly dancing class and show from 8pm to 9pm. Even though belly dancing might not be something usually associated with a Latin rhythm, when the practitioner hails from Argentina it is actually quite appropriate, and definitely a different way to spend your Tuesday evening.

Wednesdays are Latin to the core, with a free salsa class from 8pm to 9pm. No dance is more appropriate for helping you loosen up and move with the Latin rhythms, and the fun, relaxed atmosphere makes all the difference when it comes to feeling the moves rather than trying to learn them. Of course, if your feet give out before the music stops, there are plenty of comfortable couches dotted around for you to sit down and recover, and maybe indulge in a recuperative beverage or two.

Thursday it is Reggae Night (and now the song is going to be stuck in my head the rest of the day) with island rhythms taking over where the Latin rhythms left off. With Flor de Cana rum specials fuelling the pre-weekend chill session, you can ease your way into Friday when the exciting cycle begins all over again.

It’s not all just about dancing though, as the ample couches make it the perfect spot to hang out for a couple of drinks with friends and just chill, if the rhythm doesn’t get you.

Should you start feeling peckish at some point during the evening, the menu features the perfect light snack food like marinated conch and shrimp cocktail, but it is the full bar that really fuels the night. Luigi is not shy to take his place behind the bar either, having come up with Nectar’s signature cocktail, the Nectar Fantasy.



Stephen Clarke