Securely integrated

Knowing that your home is secure can certainly help you sleep better at night, whether you are at home or away. Of course, home security might not seem to be the most exciting of topics, but modern home security has moved well beyond the realm of alarms and can now bring together security, home integration and even remote access, all based on a pre-existing home security system.

In fact, systems like the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch, available from Island Electronics, allow you to control a wide range of compatible devices from traditional security peripherals like lights, locks and cameras to window shades and thermostats.

The system integrates into a traditional Honeywell system, as the only component that needs to be replaced is one of the keypads.

Even if you have multiple keypads on the current system, all the functionality of the Tuxedo Touch system can be brought to the installation through the replacement of just a single keypad – the rest of the traditional keypads can remain in place. Although the control panel does not need to be replaced, it does have to be of a relative recent vintage in order to fully support the Tuxedo Touch functionality.

The Tuxedo Touch system is based around a seven inch touch screen keypad that can fulfil a wide range of features, from a controller to a camera viewer. You can view the feeds of up to four cameras at once on the screen. The icon based interface makes it easy to operate and the system even includes training videos in order to guide you through the setting up of various operations.

The Tuxedo Touch can control Z-Wave enabled devices, up to 232 of them, and the list of compatible devices is growing daily.

Once these are paired with the control, scenes can be set up so for example when you activate the alarm in away mode, the thermostat shuts the air conditioning off, only to turn it back on when you disarm the system when you arrive back home. This can lead to significant energy savings, as it is very easy to forget to turn off the air conditioning if you are just going out for an hour or three over the weekend. 

According to Paul Mason of Island Electronics, another great feature of the Tuxedo Touch system is that it features apps for mobile devices including Apple iPads and iPhones, Android phones and tablets and even Blackberry devices.

These devices can function as controllers around the house, but can also display the feeds from connected video cameras. So if you hear a bump in the night, you can turn on the light and view the feed from the relevant camera without having to leave your bedroom. The tablet version of the app creates an interface that is an exact match for the display on the Tuxedo Touch screen, while the smartphone apps have a different interface which is still very intuitive.

Due to the built in web server, you can even view feeds and control functions remotely, so if the air conditioning service technician arrives at the house he can give you a call, you can check the front door camera feed to see if he is there, disarm the alarm, and even unlock the front door remotely if you have a compatible lock installed.

Due to the modular nature of the system, the connected devices can be built out over time, without the need for extensive rewiring. There are controllers that plug into the wall socket and allows you to switch any devices plugged into it on and off remotely.

There are also controllers built into wall sockets to create a seamless look, with only the replacement of the socket required – no need for any specialised wiring to be run.

For more information on the Tuxedo Touch system and a demonstration of what it can do, contact Island Electronics on 949-8255.