Go Pro Diving certifies professionals

Ask almost any dive instructor in the Cayman Islands who trained them to be an instructor, and the odds are good that their answer will be “Ash McKnight.”

Ash at Go Pro Divers is internationally renowned for his expertise in Scuba diving, and he is to be awarded one of only about 100 Platinum PADI Course Director gongs this year, his third in a row.

Ash started diving in his 30s, and yet after only a few courses he decided to completely change his life and pursue this underwater passion that has become a career.

Some may be familiar with the Cayman Diving College which set up shop in 2005 in George Town. Ash opened the college after working on the island since 1992 as an instructor, notably for the famous Bob Soto’s dive operation. Originally from Canada, Ash had been in the service industry for the earlier part of his life, and had owned a number of restaurants and bars in Ontario before giving it all up for the diving dream.

The college now focuses on recreational diving courses, and the sister company Go Pro Diving which opened in 2008, focuses on certifying those who are choosing Scuba diving as a profession. Go Pro’s main location is in the Treasure Island Resort and the company’s programme is based around long-term internships of up to three months where students get experience working in the industry as well as training for their Divemaster and Dive Instructor certifications.

Once they have completed their course, Go Pro assists them with finding employment either here or at other locations worldwide.

Go Pro Diving is hosting an Emergency First Response (EFR) Instructor Trainer Course at the end of November, and people from overseas have already expressed their desire to attend. This is the first course of its kind to be held in the Cayman Islands, which is garnering a great deal of interest both locally and abroad.

Ash and Go Pro Diving are committed to offering world-class training at the facility here in Grand Cayman and now, after a number of years in business, their success stories can be found all over the world. From Florida to Fiji, you never know when you’ll bump into a graduate from Go Pro.