Zipper Envy is fly!

Zipper Envy is an exciting band to have on the Cayman Islands’ music scene. Made up of members with varied and interesting musical backgrounds, this group favours originals over covers and is definitely one to watch over the coming months.

We caught up with musician Robin Gibb who gave us some information on the band and where fans can catch them playing.

What’s Hot: Who makes up Zipper Envy?
Robin Gibb: There is Jardel McIntosh on vocals and guitar; my brother James Gibb on guitar, vocals, synths and electro; I play bass, cello and the bagpipes; Tristan Weijermars plays percussion; and Jyoti Choi, Jardel’s stepbrother, is on guitar, vocals, keys and the harmonica.

WH: Tell us a bit about the members’ backgrounds.
RG:  My brother James and I are originally from South Africa. James has been in bands since he was 15 playing mainly bass through high school and university. He was the rhythm guitarist for the popular band Ocean Drive here in the Cayman. I was part of the Cayman National Orchestra as a cellist before traveling for school and university where I continued my music study in both cello and bagpipes.

 Jardel and Jyoti grew up playing music together back in Australia with Jardel spending a few years playing in a number of successful bands around their home town. Jyoti, on the other hand, travelled far and wide, playing gigs in some interesting places including China and Haiti.

Hailing from the Netherlands, Tristan’s been on the local music scene regular for many years and is best known for playing djembe for Charley Goes Electric.
WH: What kind of music do you play?
RG: We are definitely an originals band, although we do throw in a couple of covers now and then. The Cayman Islands, although small, hold potential for attracting individual talent in all forms of arts. Zipper Envy’s music continues to evolve, taking inspiration from alternative rock, indie, electronica, and ska genres.
WH: What notable gigs have you played?
RG: The largest gig to date was at a charity function run by Caybrew held at Treasure Island. Zipper Envy can also often be found supporting the open mic nights run by the legendary Derrick McKay of Suckerbox at Calico Jacks, Lone Star and Aqua Beach.
WH: What future bookings do you presently have?
RG: The next event Zipper Envy will definitely be playing at is Petapalooza at Grand Harbour on 24 November 2012. There are a bunch of really solid bands playing and it’s a great family event full of live music for a great cause.

WH: Where can people get more information on Zipper Envy?
RG: Feel free to check us out on our Facebook page which currently has a demo of an older original song on it. We are busy recording at the moment and building our web site which should be fully operational in the new year with a bunch of videos and songs.