Light displays to see this season

One of the most beloved traditions every Christmas is driving around the island to see some of the magnificent light displays on show, and this year will be no exception.

Usually everything is bedecked and bejellewed by the middle of December, so make sure you book an evening to pile everyone into the car and drive to the Christmas light hotspots. The children will love it; it brings out the child in adults, and best of all, it’s free!

Camana Bay will definitely have the decorations up in force, as they do every year. Once they light the Christmas tree visible from the road, the entire area from the Paseo to the Crescent and beyond is transformed into a wonderland. It is the perfect place to bring the family with lots of restaurants and wide open spaces where the kids can run around. Mum and Dad can relax while their little ones explore. It’s what the season is all about – taking time for family.

The Crightons’ residence opposite Ocean Club is a perennial favourite. As the end of November approaches, so the lights start to appear in their garden. By the time December rolls around, there are thousands of twinkling garlands adorning trees, bushes and anything that can hold a string. Visitors are welcome to walk around the grounds and enjoy the display close up.

Taking a drive down South Church Street is also well worth it.

There are many homes down there that dress up with lights, but one residence in particular always goes well beyond the call of duty. You’ll be able to see the traffic slowing as you approach Sunset House because on the other side of the road is a huge glittering lawn festooned with decorations and lights. It’s always an incredible sight, and they add more and more each year.

Driving to the light displays is a must for everyone each Christmas, but make sure you park safely and that you and your troupe are wearing light or reflective clothing. Enjoy the season sensibly.