Island Companies brings plenty of sparkle to 2013

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Island Companies will be celebrating 35 years in business in the Cayman Islands in 2013. That is 35 years of sourcing, importing and selling some of the finest jewellery, watches, accessories and luxury goods available on the global market.

With exclusive designer contracts and a range of stores in prime locations, Island Companies is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. The quality of the items in stock presented by professional and friendly staff members, not to mention a worldwide return policy, has garnered Island Companies an excellent reputation amongst resident and visiting shoppers.

This year brings exciting new designers and some new looks to the Island Companies stores. With fresh stock being added daily, you’ll always find something you’ve never seen before.

The Mansion

The jewellery and timepiece concept store The Mansion was conceived after painstaking research with the National Trust, historians, historical architecture and interior design experts to accurately recreate the timeless and simple designs of Cayman’s great houses and famous public buildings. The Mansion hosts a surfeit of exciting brands from Ulysse Nardin and Jaquet Droz timepieces, to jewellery from Hearts On Fire, Tacori, FRED and many, many more.

New to The Mansion in 2013 are creations from these recognised names:

Ward Kelvin
Ward Kelvin jewellery features beautiful coloured precious gems and diamond accents in hand sculpted 18k gold bamboo lattice settings. With a playful Chinoiserie aesthetic, Ward Kelvin’s creations offer a new take on classic fine jewellery.

In 2009 Mr. Kelvin’s American Chinoise collection debuted at Bergdorf Goodman. Mr. Kelvin’s fresh interpretation is evident in each 18k gold bamboo stem which meanders and weaves to create perfectly imperfect Chinoiserie nests for each and every gemstone.

“I strive to create jewellery that looks as though it were crafted effortlessly by a most clever and discerning bird.” – Ward Kelvin

For twenty years now, with the same enthusiasm as the very first morning, Pesavento has been running the roads of precious metal design in its creation of thrilling jewellery and symbols of strong personality that second the multi-faceted expression of women today.

Pesavento makes jewellery addressed to the world, designed for women and men immersed in the present, always moving towards new horizons. A brand with a surprising young Italian soul and an international name confirmed by its distribution in over 30 nations.

For over 35 years, Passman black coral jewellery and sculptures have been charming travellers with a portfolio of unforgettable designs. The Passman legacy is one of unsurpassed service, quality and craftsmanship. Mr. Passman sought out to underscore the elegant, carefree spirit of the men and women who travel to the islands with pieces sculpted by extraordinary human hands. He wanted to offer travellers “souvenirs” worth their grand escapes; keepsakes as precious and unique as the locations visited.




The Mansion