The Cowgirl behind the song

The Barefoot Man:
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Holly Morris, school teacher, guitar teacher and better known as the “Caribbean Cowgirl” is the voice behind the popular Rooster Radio ditty “It sucks to be us.” It’s a fun country-tropical mix inspired by Holly and written by Florida based singer-songwriter Cindy Walsh. 

The song is a satirical play on words that makes those not fortunate enough to live in paradise green with envy.  It’s my kind of song – I just wish that Holly had given me the idea first.

Holly grew up in Texas where at age 10 she first started to play the guitar. In the 80s she got serious about singing when she joined the Houston-based Silver Rose band as their lead singer. She enjoys all kinds of music except Hip Hop (can’t blame you for that Holly) however country is in her veins.

In 2008 she moved to Grand Cayman with her husband Steve who was offered a job with Dolphin Architectural Products. Not long after that she joined up with Bob Moseley’s Gone Country Band where she kept the audience entertained during the band’s intermissions. Eager to do more performing she went on to play at Lone Star, Brac-Aid, the Chili Cook-off and The Reef Resort.

Currently Holly is teaching guitar lessons at Musicians Ltd and she’s thrilled. “I can’t believe I get paid for teaching young children and adults how to play the guitar and sing. I am very blessed.” 

Holly is available for performances at private parties, restaurants, house concerts and beach gatherings. Look out for her next release titled “On The Beach Alone.”

Trying to make it as a cowboy on a Caribbean island is challenging enough, just ask Andy Martin, but for a Cowgirl the trail is rougher. Lots of luck Holly.

For bookings Holly can be contacted at 924-7229.