The Flagship Store

Main Story: Island Companies brings plenty of sparkle to 2013 

The Flagship Store is located on the corner of Fort Street and Harbour Drive in the centre of George Town. This multi-storey edifice houses multiple Island Companies shops, so an incredible variety of designers and items can be found under one roof.

The Flagship Store has recently undergone a redesign, and now Diamonds Direct, one of the jewels of Island Companies, boasts a larger area near the front of the ground floor mall. This bespoke diamond shopping experience allows customers to find the loose diamond of their dreams and, if they so desire, match it to one of Island Companies’ exclusive settings.

If you’re looking for a diamond ring or diamond jewellery to make uniquely yours, Diamonds Direct is where you need to go.

New to The Flagship Store in 2013 are creations from these recognised names:

Inspired by the art, architecture, and history of ancient Greece, Konstantino features exquisite detailing and timeless sophistication, a testament to the heritage and passion of designer Konstantino Sioulas.

In keeping with artisan tradition, each piece of Konstantino jewellery is painstakingly handcrafted and detailed by master artisans in Athens, Greece. In a world of mass production, Konstantino Sioulas’ dedication to preserving culture over creating commodity has given each piece of Konstantino jewellery a history, a substance, and a soul.

Nina Nguyen
The most beautiful elements of nature, the exoticism of world culture and of course the hottest trends in fashion inspire Nina Nguyen Designs. Working with raw precious and semi-precious stones, Nina Nguyen Designs showcases organic gemstones, geodes and stalactites set with luxe gold, silver and leather.

Taste makers and influencers around the world seek and admire these unexpected, one-of-a-kind adornments, making Nina Nguyen Designs the global destination for exotic and natural jewellery.