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St. Patrick’s Day falls on 17 March and it is usually a day for celebration, song and a good time with friends. It seems that on this date everyone wants to be Irish, and the usual way to become one of the gang is to don the colours of the Emerald Isle. Island Companies can offer you a twist on the tradition with some baubles that will make you stand out in the crowd this St. Patrick’s Day.

Lucky charms
A four-leaf clover is a rare find. In fact, there is about one four-leaf clover for every 10,000 three-leaf clover and it is believed to bring luck to whomever finds one.  Legend states that each leaf of such a clover stands for something:

  • The first leaf means “faith.”
  • The second leaf means “hope.”
  • The third leaf means “love.”
  • The fourth leaf means “luck.”

There are so many Pandora charms for you to choose from; you can create your very own four-leaf clover bracelet by purchasing charms that represent each of the leaves, or simply roll them all into one with the four-leaf clover Murano Glass charm!

You can find a number of different charms such as a cross, bible, or the Star of David. From simple to bejewelled, Pandora has what you are looking for.

Did you know that an anchor represents hope? Consider the 14-karat gold dangling anchor charm that will keep you
anchored through “rough seas.”

Of course Pandora has many, many charms that symbolise love. Chances are good that you’ll be looking for a heart charm to represent the love in your life.

There are a number of symbols that represent luck, like a horseshoe, wishbone, or just words that say “good luck!” You’ll find all of these and more at Pandora, along with the lucky cat charm if you happen to be a fan of moggies.

Don’t forget that Island Companies also carries a range of Thomas Sabo charms (including the Cloverleaf Charm and even the Lucky Charm, featuring a heart, horseshoe AND four-leaf clover!) as well as Swarovski charms at the Swarovski Boutique. Any of these sparkly beauties are bound to make you feel lucky !

Find your pot o’ gold at Island Companies

Gold is a metal synonymous with wealth, longevity and beauty. Always in style, it comes in different colours and endless designs to enhance any part of the body where it is worn. It can also cradle gems, be interwoven with other precious metals, and used as a stunning mounting for valuable antiques such as antique coins.

Gold chains
Island Companies is proud to present an extraordinary selection of gold chains in white, yellow or rose gold that can be worn alone, or matched with a pendant to create the perfect pairing. The chains can be purchased in many different lengths, and although the company standard is 14-karat gold, 18-karat gold chains are available in limited quantities or of course can be sourced for clients as requested.

Island Jewellers in Island Plaza has an amazing collection of mounted and un-mounted Greek, Roman and Spanish coins that will interest everyone from numismatists to those who appreciate these works of art and the history behind them. One of the largest groups of coins to be found at Island Companies comes from the wreck of the El Cazador.

The story of the El Cazador is a very famous one, particularly in this part of the world. The El Cazador, a Spanish brigantine of war, was lost without a trace in the winter of 1784 while on route from Vera Cruz Mexico to the port of New Orleans. The wreck site was accidentally discovered on August 2, 1993 by a fishing vessel working the area. The treasure of the El Cazador was intended to stabilize the Spanish monetary system in colonial North America.

The loss of the El Cazador contributed to Spain’s eventual conveyance of Louisiana to France’s Napoleon in 1800. The rest is history; as three years later in 1803, Napoleon of France sold Louisiana to the United States, instantly doubling the size of the country.

All antique coins sold by Island Companies are backed by a certificate of authenticity and their 90 day Global Return Gold Star Guarantee. 

Colourful cocktail rings are all the rage!

If you were watching the Grammy Awards, or indeed any award events this season, you might have seen some of your favourite stars sporting some large, colourful cocktail rings.

There is something very fun and flirty about these rings, yet they also make a statement and can really add some pizzazz to an outfit.

Easter and Spring are all about vibrancy and colour, so you known you’ll absolutely be in season when you’re wearing one of these fabulous examples from Island Companies


 CocktailRings.jpg  Ward Kelvin
18K Faux Bois peridot ring

Temple St Clair
18K bombe ring with royal blue
moonstone and diamond

Midnight opal ring with diamonds

Astritis green amethyst ring