Million Dollar Run: Fast-paced action on the high seas

The biggest and the best are back on Easter Monday, 1 April, 2013 for the 11th Annual Million Dollar Run. 

The festivities for this year’s event run from Thursday, March 28th through race day on April 1st.

Monster Media executive Kenny Rankin comments: “Over the last 11 years, Million Dollar Run has continued to grow in popularity.  This year, I am proud to announce that Virgin Produced has returned for the second year in a row as one of our sponsors.

“Through this partnership, Million Dollar Run and the Cayman Islands will be featured on Virgin America flights as part of the Virgin Produced channel and showcased to millions of passengers.  This type of exposure just reiterates how successful Million Dollar Run has become.”

The Million Dollar Run Schedule
Thursday, 28 March
As in past years, the party starts well before race day with the Captain’s Cocktail Reception on Thursday, 28 March.  This informative and social meeting for all race captains and sponsors is also the last opportunity to register for Monday’s races.


Saturday, 30 March

Fans can get up close and personal with select boats from Monday’s race at the docks at Camana Bay.  This is the second year in a row that the annual Million Dollar Run Car and Boat Show will be held at Camana Bay.
Showcasing the scope and popularity of Million Dollar Run, Monster Media is also proud to announce the first-ever performance by Hed Kandi in the Cayman Islands this same evening.

World-renowed Hed Kandi DJ, Andy Warburton, will take the island by storm as a part of Million Dollar Run 2013.

“When people think of Hed Kandi, they think of flirty music, beautiful girls in exotic locations and a fabulous and exclusive escape,” comments Monster Media’s Julia Simmons. 

“Grand Cayman is one of the most fabulous and exclusive escapes in the world and is a perfect venue for Hed Kandi.”

Monday, 1 April
Gentlemen, start your engines!  This is the official race day for the Million Dollar Run 2013. As in previous years, the race will consist of three boat classes continuing to broaden the range of those wishing to compete in the Million Dollar Run.  Pleasure Class is a class for fishermen style/leisure boats and new captains who would like to get involved in the event.  The Circuit Class is open to experienced captains and medium performance crafts.  The Offshore Class is designed for the most experience captains and high performance crafts. 

Featuring an exciting rolling start, the race route starts from the Marriott Beach Resort area approximately 300 yards offshore and crafts hit their stride along the heart of Seven Mile Beach. They then head west towards Public Beach continuing to Northwest Point before making a turn and heading back south towards Thompson Mooring in George Town, making a final sharp turn before heading back to complete the race route.

For the poker run element of the race, “cards” are chosen randomly before, during and after the race to form a full, five-card hand for each captain at the race’s conclusion.

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