Dive Sites

Main Story:
BJ Walton 

Schoolhouse Wall
North side of the island
Boat dive
The pin is in about 60ft of water. If you head east you see some really nice big barrel sponges where green morays, grouper and lobsters sometimes hang out. Alternatively you can head down the sand chute that pops you out at the wall, and then head east along it to look for critters. Don’t forget to safety stop before ascending to the boat.

Bert Brothers Boulders
North side near Spot Bay
Boat or shore dive
The pin sits in 25-30ft of water. Here you’ll discover a group of big pinnacles that rise to about 15ft, and you can zigzag in and out of them looking for wildlife. Don’t be surprised if you see lobsters, crabs, Bermuda chubbs, grunts, and maybe even a nurse shark here. It’s a nice, shallow compact site that doesn’t involve a lot of swimming so you can take your time to explore it.