Sameena’s Banishing hair with just a thread

A piece of string, in the hands of a talented therapist, is all you need for perfectly shaped eyebrows, hairless upper lips and indeed anywhere requiring the most precise hair removal.

In the Middle East and Far East, threading has been practiced since ancient times. It’s only quite recently though that this method of removing unwanted hair has become known in the West.

Sameena Soomro, founder of Sameena’s Beauty Centre located on North Church Street, George Town, brought this traditional practice to Cayman from her home country of Pakistan thirty years ago.

Performed with nothing more than a loop of thread, it’s a remarkably simple, quick and precise way to lift hairs out from the follicle. The thread is twisted several times so that as it is passed over the skin, the hairs are caught in the miniature lasso formed by the thread, and pulled out. 

Threading works particularly well on facial hair – eyebrows, upper lips, chins or even the entire face – and can be used on certain areas of the body as well.

Unlike wax, which when applied in its liquid form has a tendency to spread slightly when the fabric strips are pressed onto it, threading is much more precise, resulting in clean, well defined brows.

Whereas waxing can be messy, sticky and leave you with bright red patches where the skin has been irritated, threading involves no heat, no chemicals and no chance of allergic reactions. Even the most sensitive skin will tolerate threading.

It used to be said that you have to suffer to be beautiful, and one might think that with so much in favour of threading, it must be painful; but really, it’s not. If you’re very sensitive you might experience a degree of discomfort comparable to waxing, but the whole process takes only a matter of minutes.
Indeed, threading is so quick at Sameena’s that you don’t even need an appointment. Simply drop by and chances are the therapists can find five minutes to fit you in.

However, with ear candling, massages, manicures and pedicures and a host of other spa treatments to choose from, you may well choose to spend more than five minutes being pampered and beautified at Sameena’s.