The cool Caribbean sea: Are you feeling blue?

When the heat rises outside it’s time to cool off somehow, and what better way to make yourself feel a whole lot better than taking a dip in the sea? The waters surrounding the Cayman Islands are crystal clear and range from light to deep blue, drawing visitors from thousands of miles away.

The blue of the sea can be difficult to capture, yet somehow designers represented at the Island Companies’ store have managed to bring its beauty to life through blue gems nestled in perfect settings.

Spanning four decades, Tacori designs have fused classic elegance with modern inspiration, creating some of the world’s most highly regarded and exquisite jewellery. The stunning beauty and intricacy of each piece of Tacori jewellery is the result of an uncompromising passion for artisanship.

Handcrafted in California, these remarkably detailed rings and fine jewellery pieces become the timeless symbols of connection that join individuals and generations.

The Tacori Island Rain collection is beautiful, affordable and captures the many different moods and colours of the Caribbean Sea.

Island Exotics – Coloured Diamonds
Celebrate the beauty of Cayman with the Island Exotics Coloured Dimaonds collection. Crafted in 14k gold settings by master jewellers, these exceptional diamonds truly reflect the deep rich colours of the Caribbean.

The ocean blue diamonds capture the essence of shared memorable moments, with many different designs and settings to suit your budget and your personal taste.

Coloured diamonds have become more and more popular on the market, and now you can add them to your collection, courtesy of Island Jewellers at Island Plaza and Flagship Building, as well as in The Mansion at Camana Bay.

Nina Nguyen
The most beautiful elements of nature, the exoticism of world culture and, of course, the hottest trends in fashion, inspire Nina Nguyen Designs.

Working with raw precious and semi-precious stones, this designer showcases organic gemstones, geodes and stalactites set with luxe gold, silver and leather.

Taste makers and influencers around the world seek and admire these unexpected one-of-a-kind adornments, making Nina Nguyen Designs the global destination for exotic and natural jewellery.

When thinking of the sea, one only has to don her stunning Seafoam necklace to feel part of the islands.