Transport technology: Changing the way you travel

Unlike the cars of yesteryear, many models these days have computers, keyless entry, built-in Global Positioning Systems, stereos that sync with your iPod, hands-free mobile phone technology and electric everything. Hopefully robot drivers won’t be far behind.

Speaking of electric everything, electric cars were officially approved last year to be sold and operated in the Cayman Islands, and charging stations are popping up at locations like the Cayman Motor Museum and Camana Bay. Hybrids and electric vehicles were once the stuff of dreams, but for some time now they’ve been a reality and as the world tries to become more eco-friendly, odds are good that they will be more prevalent in the market in the future.

Cars are definitely a sleeker breed than their sometimes boxy predecessors, getting closer and closer, it seems, to the space age designs usually found at concept car shows. Even vehicles usually reserved for families like the good ol’ reliable minivan have been updated to give them a more polished, aerodynamic look. The parents can drop five children off at school and still look 21st century cool.

Of course some of the most popular names in luxury cars that fall into the high end of the affordability bracket include Mercedes and BMW, however one might want to consider the zippy, small, yet brimming-with-personality Mini, which has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity with the upwardly mobile consumer, offering a range of colours, styles and customisable options. It’s perfect for parking when spaces are few and far between, and has some impressive power under the hood to boot.

Top shop and service
One of Grand Cayman’s top automotive shops is Tony’s Toys, off Seymour Drive in Industrial Park. Tony’s Toys is revered for its ability to upgrade a vehicle to a thing of beauty with such things as custom rims, lights and sound systems, but did you know that there is a full service centre on site authorised to service all Mercedes, BMW and Mini automobiles? Tony’s Toys has the specialised equipment necessary to diagnose, repair or service your vehicle and get it back on the road in tip-top condition.

You can also order your dream car through Tony’s Toys, and while you’re waiting it for arrive, you can take advantage of the company’s leasing service for medium to long-term periods. Definitely less expensive than renting.

Having local access to the latest in cars and technology on the market means that you don’t have to sacrifice what you want due to unavailability. Whether you’re looking for a basic vehicle with a few options, or the full monty with every doohickey that’s been invented, give Tony’s Toys a call.