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Get the feature look 


Lindsay’s roots were prepped with dry shampoo and slimming serum throughout her hair. A curling iron was used to create volume, followed by sculpt and define polish to soften the look. Her curls were left to fall and then tossed forward to shake them open while being sprayed with L’Oreal extra hold detailing spray. Her hair was further styled to reflect sexy beach waves and finished with oil spray treatment. 


Lindsay was beachy fabulous, thanks to studio fix base and powder, followed by false lashes, brown and bronze eye shadows, and black eyeliner. The lipstick choice of bright coral was perfect for the beach look, and of course gold illuminator to highlight and add a lovely glow.


Lindsay is wearing an Oh My Julian dress from Island Chic with an Ada rust leather wrap belt from Wave and a pastel enamel and crystal choker from Hello Gorgeous.